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We provide refrigeration solutions to our customers through our expertise, use of technology, and quality of service that has been industry leading.

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Engineering and Design

We specialize in the following areas of Industrial Refrigeration:
  • Refrigerated Facilities
  • Industrial Refrigeration Equipment
    • Condensation control
    • Pressurization / Air Infiltration
    • Pipe Stress Analysis
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Refrigeration Process Integration – Poultry, Meat and Cereal
  • Troubleshooting and Master Planning for New and Existing Refrigeration Systems
  • Process Safety Management for Ammonia Refrigeration Plants
  • Mechanical Integrity and Process Safety Management Documentation
  • Refrigeration Equipment Design
  • Refrigerated Building Envelope Inspection
  • Support during construction, start up, and commissioning
  • Energy Conservation for Sustainability

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Our Capabilities:
  • Custom designed to fit specific customer needs
  • In-house fabrication and assembly
  • All Refrigeration Piping is fabricated in accordance to ASME B31.5
  • A High bay with over 30 ft of lifting capability
  • Over 15 acres of available storage space
  • Qualified welding processes in SMAW & GTAW
  • ASME Section IX certified welders
  • Top tier equipment and materials
  • Installation services and coordination
  • Full start up and handover support to our customers

Service and Parts

Our capabilities:
  • Customer focused program tailored to your needs
  • On-call service department
  • In-house Ammonia Technicians and Automation Engineers
  • Preventative maintenance through our in house ammonia and automation technicians
  • On-going remote surveillance and analysis of process conditions
  • Critical spares inventory management
  • Stock parts at MRB warehouse

Preventative Maintenance

We are committed to facilitate your long-term performance on your refrigeration system to consistently stay at top notch performance when paired with our preventative maintenance program that is multifaceted to ensure that you never run into any problems and safeguard your investment on your facility.

  • Critical Spare Parts
  • Strategic Equipment Support Location
  • Strategic Office Support Locations: Bentonville, AR & Greenville, SC & Mobile Technical Support based out of Chicago, IL area
  • Our proximity to DFW Airport allows for service tech dispatch within 24 hours
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Daily Remote Monitoring of Units
  • Active and Passive Alarm System
  • 24/7 Emergency Ring Central Line
  • Technician Hiring and Training Program
  • In-house Ammonia Unit Training

Ongoing Remote Surveillance and System Analysis

We offer different services to ensure that your system is constantly monitored and can find a solution when a problem arises. From a critical spare parts hub, daily remote monitoring, 24/7 emergency ring central line and dispatching technicians on site. We provide every resource in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly around the clock.
Our system analysis is very in depth to ensure that your system is running at top notch performance around the clock with no worries. There are different system parameters that are monitored, trending forecasts P.M., Risk Matrix Analysis that provides continued statistical analysis for reports of initial performance and the overseeing of your system.

Remote System Monitoring:

  • Monitoring of system parameters
  • Trending to forecast P.M.
  • Risk Matrix Analysis for continued statistical analysis
  • Package Software Alarm Surveillance
  • Emergency Ring Central Line
  • Emergency Phone Number for 24/7 customer service


  • Global supplier for parts
  • Backwards compatible
  • Surveillance capable
  • Full access
  • Faster response

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